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Weekly Update #10

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard..."
- Winnie the Pooh


I intended to start this year off with an inspirational email that was already almost done, but that email was put on hold because I have been an emotional rollercoaster of a human the past ten days and my attention span has been all of none.

Sadly the new year came with bad news for our family. My Grandpa (on my moms side) had broken his hip again and after surgery he was just didn't want to do anything to help himself get better. My grandma (his wife of almost 65 years) died in December of 2019 and after that his whole world and the love of his life was gone. He just didn't have much desire to live anymore. For days he laid there lifeless, would not open his eyes or talk. Just slowly going through the slow stages of death. It was so hard not being there but beyond thankful to have family close by him and technology to video chat with him before he passed to say my goodbyes and see his sweet face one last time before he took his last breath on Sunday the 9th. I find comfort in knowing my grandparent's spirit's are together again.

I will be heading to Chicago early Thursday morning and Garrett will be here with the kids. It's too hard for us to travel with them all during these times and on top of it, the weather is freezing up there right now too. With four kids in four schools and activities after school, our weeks are madness, and my family will all be in Chicago. I am looking forward to seeing my family out there and spending a few days with them. I hope ALL the great memories (and pictures) over the years will help give us the strength in the days ahead during his funeral services and a new chapter of life without my loving grandparents physically living on this earth anymore. Please pass along any good vibes my way for a safe and easy trip (I have not flown since my grandma's funeral in 12/2019) and I'm not looking forward to that at all. For now, I'm taking it one day at a time, and giving myself extra grace and love to take this time to grieve, but will be back to life and updates and available dates for sessions (sorry I did intend to have my new schedule up by now) in the next few weeks.

Until then, I leave you with a few pictures of my sweet and salty cute Grandpa from the last few times we visited in Chicago. He was always so happy to hold the babies and spend time with the kids (but if they were too loud he had to take his hearing aides out because he didn't love the noise that went with them haha) I am going to miss his bold energy being gone so much. XO


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