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Top 10 Most Asked Questions About Birth Story Coverage

01. Will we meet before the birth?

I am always happy to meet with families before booking.  Birth is a very intimate, personal experience, so whatever you need to feel comftorble with my presence I'm happy to do.  


That being said, we can also communicate via email, text message, over the phone or even video chat.  I know everyone is different, and I'm flexible based on what is most comftorble for you. 


After booking,  Yes, we will absolutely arrange a time to meet up so we can review your birth plans and get to know each other a little bit




02. When should I book you?

As early as possible!  In order to give each of my clients the attention they deserve, I generally work with 1-3 birth families per month. 


I encourage you to contact me as soon as you know you're expecting.  Starting payment plans early helps keep the monthly expense lower as well!




03. When will you show up to my birth?

Ideally, I arrive sometime during your active labor (5-6cm). I am prepared to arrive in your birth space when your birth is progressing no matter what time it is.  The most perfect timing is a few hours before your baby is born, for a total of 4-6 hours of coverage.  


Birth is FAR from ideal though, so we do our best to gauge the right time for me to join you.  If you have a history of fast labors, or have had previous deliveries, I will be arriving on the earlier end. 




04. Will having a photographer at my birth be distracting?

I bring my equipment into your birth space with the intention of capturing your story, but also recognize how easily my presence could turn into a distraction. I’ve worked on my camera skills for years.  My experience allows me to enter your birth space, knowing just how to move throughout the room without distracting you or your partner.


I use my (quiet) equipment thoughtfully and I shoot purposefully.  I want each of my shutter to matter. I want you to be overwhelmed ONLY with the love of your partner, the strength of your body, and the anticipation of meeting your baby. Clients, partners, and care providers have told me that they hardly noticed I was in the room with them.  They’re amazed by the moments I was able to capture when they receive their birth galleries.


I know it’s a risk to invite anyone to your birth, but please know as a professional birth photographer, my number one goal is to capture your story without disrupting the flow of it what-so-ever. 




05. What if I am a modest person?

People sometimes assume that when you hire a birth photographer, you’re also signing up for pictures of your vagina.   While I believe that birth is a powerful physical process, I also believe it’s an incredible emotional transformation. 


Because I document your story as it unfolds, I won’t instruct you to wear a certain outfit, to cover up your nipples, or to pose. But I do know how to work angles, and I’m often able to deliver images that are more modest than most people assume possible. If you don’t want crowning images, I don’t have to take them and can stand at your view. If you’re not sure, I can always take them and give you the option to delete after.  Every birth story is unique, and every family is unique. I want to get to know you and your story, and honor it the best I can.  




06. What if I have have a cesarean?

Surgical births make beautiful birth stories, but one support person is normally only allowed back into the operating room.  On rare occasions exceptions can be arranged.   I will do my best to stay with you as long as I am able too.  In the case I am not allowed in, I will be waiting in your recovery room as soon as you arrive back from surgery.




07. What if you miss the birth?

Communication is one the best ways to ensure that I make it to your birth in time. When clients communicate with me well, it’s very rare that I miss a birth. Sometimes even with the very best communication, precipitous births happen.  It’s part of your story!  In the rare event that you give birth and aren’t able to notify me with enough time, I will still deliver the same amount of images to you and your family.  I will come to your birth place as soon as possible and capture all the beautiful moments that follow your baby’s arrival.


Your story is just as unique and beautiful as any other, and as a trained birth photographer, I know how to tell the story of a fast labor and birth (even if I’m not there!)  That being said, as long as you give me an 90 minute heads up, either me or my back-up will be at your birth.  And in the rare event your baby comes quicker OR there is an unforeseen obstacle (storm, traffic accident, etc…) I promise you’ll still receive a full collection of hand-edited family images. Your story will be documented regardless of how slow or quickly it happens.




08. How soon will I see my images?

Within 24 hours of birth, I will deliver approx. 10 sneak peak images to announce your little ones arrival. 


The full gallery takes a bit of time, especially with my 4 children at home.  I try my best to deliver complete photography galleries within 6 weeks and videos within 8 weeks of your birth.




09. Will you post my images on the internet?

 I love birth stories, and never get tired of reading them, and seeing them unfold through imagery or video.  I think that something has been lost these days among women in modern culture, as we don't talk about birth among our families and friends the way we once did.  


I love to show the beauty, power, and complete magic of my clients birth stories, in hope that it will empower other women to feel confidence to document their birth.  


With that being said, I only share content with express permission from my clients and always honor your desire for privacy. 




10. How do I receive my images?

I deliver images digitally, in a beautiful, private gallery and photos are available for download in high resolution.  


You can order heirloom quality, professional prints directly from your gallery, or use the high resolution files to print your own through

the photo lab or your choosing.  


Please contact me if you are interested in having me design a lay-flat album for your family.  

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