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Below you will find a list of recommendations in the local Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Area

I do not make money by promoting, just passing along local services I have found personally useful.

Breastfeeding Info / Professional Lactation Help

Milk Bar – Hosted by Serenity Birth Center, call for times

La Leche League -

Advanced Breastfeeding Support -

Virginia Bobro - 

Baby’s First Day in-house Lactation Appointments, Call 702 269-6018

Chiropractic / Massage Therapy

Corey Buck LMT - Spinal Alignment Specialist 702-235-5007

Whole Family Chiropractic - Dr. Shadia Koury -

Anchor Chiropractic - Specific and gentle chiropractic care -

Placenta Encapsulation

Bloom Wild Placenta Encapsulation and Prints -  530 391 9958

Bulk Herbs & Health Stores

Herbally Grounded -

Not local but Mountain Rose Herbs also has great stuff -

Birthing Tub Rentals

Renting commercial quality Aquadoula birth tubs - Regina Roy 702-353-4134  or

Sarah @ Serentiy Birth Center  -

I have also had clients find awesome tubs (used once or new) on facebook marketplace.  Just grab a new liner!

Car Seat Safety 

Kids Classes

City Lights Music -

Swim Lessons - Silver State ISR with Jessica Tuck

Las Vegas Birth Center

Serenity Birth Center   -

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