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Jace is SIX!

My baby is six and it feels so strange to say that we don’t have any more little toddlers runnin up in here. They are all growing up faster then I can keep track of and it’s just the craziest feeling watching your babies turn into men in what feels like a blink.

Jace holds is own weight pretty darn good, and is the toughest of them all at his age. I sorta think that might just be built in as the yougest of four boys. Either way he is the goofiest, silliest, sweet and salty kid who still loves to cuddle up in his mamas arms (and still barely fits) and we wouldn’t know life without his unique, loud and precious soul.  

Happy Birthday Dude! We love youuuu. XOXOXO

Thank you Lisa @ LittleLoo Photography for these pics that capture Jace's personality so well XO


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