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Let Them Decorate! - Happiness is here

I can’t believe it’s December already!

Each year I have visions of us all peacefully decorating the tree together, listening to Christmas music, laughing and enjoying the magic of Christmas. Then each year, it turns out a little more stressful then I had imagined. No matter what we can't control the situation with so many kids, personalities and variables. A dropped/broken ornament, someone taking too long on the ladder, fighting over who get's to put up a certain ornament, you know there is allllways something kids can find to argue about haha. Or is it just my boys?

Either way kids are normally pulling things out of boxes in excitement, while I end up frazzled and saying ‘stop’, ‘no’, ‘don’t touch that!’, ‘wait!’, on repeat. Well not this year friends!

I did the unpacking and placed the ornaments into a few piles of "totally Jace safe", "Safe enough for everyone", "Fragile handle with care", and a "Don't touch these ones or your dead" pile. This made it fun for me to watch the boys work together and get it all finished. I managed to keep my suggestions and slight ocd to a minimum and let them go at it. I'm so happy I took the time to grab my good camera, because I tend to just use my phone but a real camera is just like 1000 times better.

I have a hard time sitting down to edit and go through my own personal photos though. Usually I end up editing them months, years, or never yet haha, but I'm working on changing that in 2023! One of my goals starting in the new year, is going to be spending an hour or two per week editing home pics and videos and sharing a blog post about it as our "digital scrapbook." We did our tree the day before thanksgiving because we were out of town for the holiday, but getting these pics edited and into my little space here on the internet in a few weeks is pretty great :) My 2023 goal is to pick up my big ol camera and document one "moment" in our family's week and then blog about it by Sunday of that week.

Happiness for me is here....


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