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Weekly Scoop - #09 - Goodbye 2021

As we look to the new year,

hold on to what is good.

Let go of what is bad.

It really is that simple.

- Mandy Hale


Thankful to wake up every morning with these 4 cool dudes.

Hello Sweetness!

And just like that....2021 is already turning into 2022! For some reason, it feels like we are just now getting out of 2020 rather than 2021, and it's a strange to think back to what life was like pre covid and how so much has changed.

The last few weeks of 2021 I have been enjoying my downtime by taking extra time for resting, recharging and resettling before the new year and fresh work routine set in. This is the time where I ask myself how I need to rearrange what is already in my life and work and pick out what I can remove, what isn't working for me, where I want to spend my precious time. I believe that slowing down during this time can actually set me up for a peaceful year ahead. And firmly believe that we all need a little more PEACE. Trust where your thoughts are taking you and enjoy the process of following your gut.

It's been another long year and even though this year has been filled with incredible growth and changes, we have all gone through some hard times. I'm excited to welcome 2022 and see what the future holds for all of us!!


Just a collection of randomness and things that made me laugh this week that I'm sharing in hopes of making you smile. Don't be boring, just scroll and laugh a little bit :)

Our silly doggo Roxy. She is always making us laugh and is almost like having another toddler in the house :)



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Join me Sunday (Jan 2nd) for a new moon circle with Jana Roemer!

As I continue to learn to let go of the never ending “todo“ list and carve out more time for myself, I have discovered that if I put something on my calendar, and pay money for a class (bonus points if someone I know is going to be there too) I show up and follow through with it much more often. If my brain knows nobody is counting on me to show up, I will most likely get caught up with problems, chores, kids, their problems, or feel the need to clean or cook and put my sacred “me time” for later (which likely means not anytime soon). If your interested in taking some time for a universe reset, recharge or just want to try something different, I would love for you to join me Sunday January 2nd from 11-12:30 pst for the Capricorn new moon circle with Jana Roemer. I have taken a few of her new moon circles and walk away from them feeling so much more grounded, in tune with myself and ready for the weeks ahead. Here is a little blurb from Jana about this new moon....

"To access the truest power of this moon, self compassion and gentleness is necessary as you look at the year past and prepare for the year ahead. This past year was full of bumps in the road and unexpected interruptions on the path. As you learn to go easy on yourself, you might see that you took on too much or agreed to play the role or take on responsibilities that are not best suited to you.

This year, can you gather your resources and shift responsibilities around to include a team rather than working so hard at it all alone. Identify your zone of expertise and focus your efforts there while strategically joining forces with others in their zone of genius so that everyone can enjoy their responsibilities more and allow the "work" to flow with more ease in everyone's life."

Click here to sign up and join me on Sunday and let's get this year started off on the right foot :)


Remember you only have on today and even the simple things are beautiful and worth gratitude. Don't keep waiting for tomorrow and for something perfect. Today can be that.

Grateful for you!


XO Krystal