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The Birth of Ryan - Quick and Calm Family Centered Home Birth - Henderson Nevada

Ryan's homebirth was nothing short

of awe-inspiring, calm and beautiful.

Saturday April 10th - It was a sunny and beautiful spring morning here in Las Vegas.

Around 10 am, I received a text from the daughter of one of my April birth clients Vanessa.

She let me know that her mom was in active labor and having contractions ten minutes apart.

This was Vanessa's third baby and first home birth. She lived only ten minutes away from me, so I got myself ready and was on the edge of my seat waiting on standby. Less then 30 minutes later, Audrey texted me back and said her moms contractions were 5-6 minutes apart now and her dad was on his way home from work. Things were picking up quickly, and third babies are wild cards in the birth world and could come at anytime. I grabbed my gear and headed her way.

I made it to their house shortly after 11:00 and found Vanessa upstairs in her bedroom. Contractions were strong and every few minutes. She could not talk through them, but was breathing her baby down during each surge and remained calm and focused on her body. Justin her husband arrived shortly after I got there, and immediately started providing comfort and support for Vanessa. Things were moving fast.

We contacted her midwifes at Serenity Birth Center and Sarah was there within the next half hour.

Vanessa got in and out of her tub a few times and changed positions in the bathroom quite frequently. Less than 90 minutes of me getting to her home, Ryan was born into his fathers hands and surrounded by his two proud big sisters and midwives. We were all smitten with joy and excitement as it all went down so quickly.

Thank you Vanessa for letting me share a little slice of your family story and these images. Being welcomed into your birth-space and getting to know your sweet family was an honor.

Check out some my fav images from Ryan's birth below (it was so hard to narrow down this gallery with all that beautiful daylight streaming in). All images from this birth story are shared with permission and are not to be copied or shared beyond this post without written consent.

Midwife is Sarah from the Serenity Birth Center Team


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