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Birth of Callum - The 'Dove' uniting two families into one forever - Las Vegas Nevada

Melanie and her husband Fernando are one of the most easy going couples I have ever worked with.

They have this energy that is such a joy to be around. They both had two children of their own, but this birth was the missing piece that would bring the two families together forever. Melanie had decided to have this baby in the comfort of their own home with the fabulous midwives over at Baby's First Day/Serenity by their side.

The day of Callum's birth, I had spent the whole morning and afternoon documenting Ryan's birth over in Henderson with the same midwife team. Melanie had a pre-natal appointment and the midwives discovered protein in her urine. She was very determined to homebirth this baby and decided to do a membrane sweep to try and naturally induce labor. I had been keeping in touch with Melanie all day, and her labor was naturally progressing after the sweep.

My birth clothes from earlier that day were washed, camera gear was charged up and I was amped and ready for round two. Around 10:30pm, Melanie's labor was still in the earlier stages. She let me know she was instructed to take some herbal supplements at midnight to keep things moving along. I decided it would be smart of me to try and get some shut eye for a few. With my phone on full blast and by my side, I got about two hours of sleep before waking up to Fernando's text that said Melanie's contractions were getting closer together and much stronger. I got up, made a hot tea and was on my way!

I arrived around 1:45 am and Melanie was in labor land on all fours over a CUB pillow and managing her contractions by squeezing a wave hand comb for acupressure relief. Fernando was by her side the whole time, comforting her with hip squeezes and anything else she needed.

About an hour later, her midwife Sarah from Serenity Birth Center (Baby's First day) arrived, and Melanie decided to get into their bath tub to keep moving and hopefully lower her heart rate. The bath was short lived, but did offer some relief for a few minutes. Melanie was out of the bath and laboring on the toilet, Sarah advised her to lay down in bed for a few minutes and see if she could find a position that lowered her heart rate. Fernando and Melanie rested together in the bed and the labor sounds were getting more intense as time passed. I remember Melanie sitting up and squeezing Fernando so tight, she became so vocal that Sarah stopped instantly, glanced over and instantly knew from the sounds that things were changing quick!

Melanie laid back in the bed and had urges to naturally push. She gave a few loud screams and was using the metal headboard as pressure and support for her upper body during the pushes. As baby was crowning, Melanie reached down and felt her babies head which gave her the drive to push him out quickly after that. Callum head was born with the cord wrapped around his neck. Sarah unwrapped it, and after another push, baby came shooting out with his arms spread wide open into daddy's hands. Fernando placed Callum up on moms chest and the joy and love filled the room. After baby and mama had lots of skin to skin time, Melanie birthed her placenta and we all were amazed with how long her cord was! Callum was rooting for milk, so Sarah helped them get comfortable and he latched on right away. Then the cord was cut by daddy, and Fernando officially held his son for the first time!

After the newborn exam, the sun was just starting to peek through the shades. I packed up and headed home in rush hour Monday morning traffic. Luckily for me it was also Spring Break for my kids and we had no drop offs/pickups what so ever. Once safely home, I dropped my bags and had a small meal and went straight to bed for a few hours. I can't remember being that physically drained in a long time, but it was 1000% worth it.

After my two April birth clients delivered 12 hours apart, my spring break was officially "off call" and my boys and I could relax and have some fun together without the unknown of having to suddenly leave.

It was such an honor to witness this powerful, fierce, intuitive birth and to share this home birth story with you. Thank you Melanie and family for welcoming me into your private and sacred birthing space. It was my honor to document your strength and birth journey XO

All images are shared with permission. Images are copyrighted and not to be shared on any other format or web page without written consent from Krystal with Love Laugh Play Photography - Thank you!

All images are shared with permission. Images are copyrighted and not to be shared on any other format or web page without written consent from Krystal with Love Laugh Play Photography - Thank you!


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