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Weekly Scoop #3 - 10/10/2021

Yes these emails keep getting later and later, but the good news it is still Sunday when I'm sending this even if your reading it Monday and I'm technically still on my once a week email goal :) For three weeks now, I have kept my word to myself to sit down and take the time to think about my week plus share some things that will hopefully make you smile or laugh along the way too. I've been feeling like my days are melting together. Taking time to stop and sort of journal about my week is forcing me to slow down and take gratitude for the handfuls of fun and hard moments throughout the week we have walked (and got) through.

This week has been busier then normal and Friday night I’d eaten my dinner without even glancing down at it. Even after rearranging parts of my life to make room for more slowness, real enjoyment, and being present in my everyday life… there’s still a muscle in me that’ll slip right back into hurry-mode when I get overwhelmed and busy.

My artsy overthinking brain desperately needs some alone time and space everyday. Getting a good night sleep and my morning routine is always number one on my list but let's be doesn't always go perfect every week. Not to mention my little boys have been waking up at the crack of dawn most days. I'm scared when the time changes next month because that could mean they wake up even earlier, but I really hope it equals out somewhere :) haha! Mama needs a few quiet minutes of gosh darn silence in the morning.

I think I'm learning patience right now in my life more then ever before. These last two boys of mine are sure giving me a run for my money.

We did decorate last Sunday and it was so much fun. The little boys liked all the skeleton bones and animal skeletons. We even have a Frenchie one it's so cute, I'll share a pic next week because the kids are moving them all over the yard every chance they can get. The wind had fun with them this week too, I probably need to bury the feet in the rocks or something. I'll post a few pics of our progress towards the bottom!


This was the most relatable thing I saw all week hahaha! Who's with me? October is fabulous and crazy!


Little Peggy Update!

Peggy is our desert tortoise hatchling we got last September. She grew like a weed this summer and gained a tons of weight! We will be seeing less and less of her as the days cool down until she bromates in her burrow until spring.



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