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One more year around the sun...and last year in my 30's

January Birthday Updates :)

We celebrated our baby boy turning five in a very snowy winter wonderland in Flagstaff Arizona. We all had a fabulous time in our cute AirBNB, all 4 off the boys were in one big bunk bed room so that was pretty fun for me (although my 16 year old would have loved to not be in there haha). We cooked fabulous meals, had cake, and opened presents, went tubing at the Flagstaff Tube Park which was a lot of fun, and took a few gopro videos and I put together a short little recap of that fun day. Check it out here. All in all his weekend trip was such a breath of fresh air (quite literally freezing cold fresh air). And I still can't believe my baby is five. The last few years with four kids in the mix has completely flown by.

And, for me....39 trips around the sun complete.....the countdown to 40 is on. That might be harder for me to believe then Jace turning five! I don't feel like I should be that old yet, but that's life I guess.

I celebrated by sneaking away for the weekend with my two high school bffs. It was the first girls weekend away from this brewed of boys in almost 6 years! To tell you I needed this weekend away would be an understatement.

It felt so incredibly good to soak in the sun, wine, laughter, reminisce about old times, and the epic dre dre uber ride was one for the books! I came home in a completely different state of mind from when I left, and felt a full sense of connection I have not felt in a long time (pre covid for sure). I will be chasing more of those kind of moments this year!