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Soaking up the Sun and Celebrating

Hello Happy April!

Cheers to a brand new month and every day that moves us closer to flip flop weather. We played hookie and skipped school last Friday for Beckett’s 8th birthday and road tripped down there for a long weekend.

It's been almost a year since we have been down there which seems crazy because we used to go multiple times per month before we had four kids and a crazy schedule. Arizona you are sooooo beautiful. The sun was shining, birds singing (even heard a wood pecker haha), the air was the most perfect not hot, not cold temperature and is was so darn peaceful! The Sonoran freaking stunning right now. Flowers and green everywhere! Nothing like our brown Mojave desert. The Phoenix area has grown so much since I grew up here, and it feels like a HUGE city compared to Vegas. We did lots of birthday celebrations, eating amazing food, swimming, cousin and family time, trip to the Phoenix Zoo, hiking and soaked up a lot of vitamin D.

Being back in Arizona has been so relaxing and good for my soul. Even though it was a short busy trip, allowing myself to slow down and then carve out some small moments of time for myself while we have been here has helped relieve some stress and protected my own energy while we are away from home.

Family photo dump of this weekend below.


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