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First Birthday Party - Very Hungry Caterpillar Style...

With my littlest guy turning TWO in just under TWO weeks, I thought it would be fun to share some images from his FIRST birthday that I never got around to posting a year ago. We celebrated his first birthday with our family and close friends, and I choose the very hungry caterpillar as the theme because of how much he LOVES food. He started grabbing food off our plates at 5 months old. He would pull you in with his big blue eyes, and your dinner would then be in his hands and you had no choice but to share haha! He also loved the very hungry caterpillar book, and sticking his little fingers in each one of the tiny holes in the book.

This year for his number TWO we are going to celebrate with a few family members that live local, and not an official party (which is hard for me to accept), but it's been a crazy last year, and I just don't have the energy or desire to throw a big pintrest worthy party for a two year old at this very moment. Sorry little man, but we will still spoil you with lots of love as you enter toddler hood (insert tear drop)! I hope you enjoy his pictures from last year. I know I had fun going back through them!

First Look at his party after his nap!

Loved this cute banner I found on etsy to display a fav photo from each of his first 12 months

Happy Boy!

Fun with my cousin.

Cupcake/Party Favor table

Smash cake!

Food, food, and more food!

Table decorations!

Fun little guessing game for the older kiddos!


I think I'll just eat this caterpillar....

Loves his big bro.


Fun with daddy.

Had guests sign this huge copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!

Our winner!

Party favors!

Adorable sugar cookies!


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