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What the heck have I been up too?

Hello September! As we soak in the last few weeks of summer, I am focusing on new beginnings, new goals, new mindsets and new opportunities. For this month, I have decided to get down and real with organizing my personal life so the last moths of the year have the best possible chance to go as smooth as possible. The first September goal of mine is going to be sending out a weekly update/news email every Sunday (yay this is the first!). There will be a mix of personal and business updates as well as some fun tips and diy projects I'm currently working on. Second goal....make a family calendar to hang up in the kitchen. We have a digital calendar, but I really think we need a old school white board in your face calendar. Creating this is going to be how I get my craft on this week and I already have some fun ideas for it I can't wait to share with you!


The big boys are back in school! Zayne is a seventh grader this year. We can wear the same size shoes now and it's only a matter of time before he is taller then me! He has been settling into school nicely and enjoying getting back into the swing of things. We attended his open house last week and met all his teachers and really loved them all! Karson is in fifth grade and this is his last year of elementary school. He has been learning cursive and it has been fun watching him learn this new skill. His teacher seems great and we will get to meet her this week at his open house.

This is a big week for Beckett. He starts his second year of PreK on Tuesday! He is going to the same little school as last year and he couldn't be happier. He is going to be one of the older kids this year and I'm excited to see him blossom further. He also starts soccer this week! I can not wait to seem him out there in action, I think he is going to love it, and it will sure help get some of his energy out! Jace is just as crazy as can be and is into EVERYTHING! He climbs up on to the table, counter top, beds with ease and scares the living crap out of me almost daily. Looks like I'm in it for the long haul with this kid. It's going to be interesting to see him play and explore life when Beckett is in school and he is my only kid for a few hours. I'll update y'all on that in a few weeks, wish me luck!

In the mean time I hope you have a great labor day weekend! Take some time to set some monthly goals and give yourself some direction. Get clear on what you really want the last few months of this year to be like for you. I know for me, it's the craziest time! September is the best month to figure out what's working, what's not, and what's most important for you to make the shift to fall a seamless one.

Until next week.....Have a great day friends!

XO Krystal


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