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Weekly Scoop - Week #06

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello My Friend,

I hope this week's update finds you well! I had my weekly blog post about 90% done and was supposed to be “auto saving” but just when i went to upload my funnies the whole browser crashed and when it restored all my work was gone 😭 and my mood went to shit after that and I had to step away.

Las Vegas, we are seriously getting so freaking lucky with the weekend weather this year for fall shoots! We have had the most beautiful sunny 75-80 degree days, almost every weekend in October and November and hardly any wind, I am here for that! Next year mother nature is probably going to laugh in our face and offer us tornadoes every weekend like usual. At soccer this week, there was a couple sitting next to me complaining about how warm it still was. I quickly realized I will never be the person complaining about it not being cold. What can I say, I've got born and raised Phoenix AZ blood and will take a 70-80 degree day umm...any day fall or not :)

My kids had a four day weekend last week with Thursday being Veterans day and Friday a freebie day off school. Beckett enjoys going to work with his dad on the weekdays when he has no school. He has a desk set up there and pretends he is the “boss” and says he is going to work there for the rest of his life 🤣 Only time will tell, but for now he has fun going and talking everyone's ear off and eating way too much candy. All four boys had dentist appointments Friday morning. One of them had two cavities (I will buy you a drink next time I see you if you correctly guess which kid it was. Leave a comment below haha!) It was the perfect day to get them all in at once to get those teeth nice and clean after the Halloween sugar rush.

It was also the little boys second to last soccer game (yay!😉). My schedule ended up getting changed a little and I ended up having Saturday off instead of Sunday. The best part of my weekend came Saturday when I convinced my fam of boys that it was too beautiful of a afternoon to pass up and would be a perfect day to do a quick family photoshoot. We managed to pull some outfits together from stuff we already had, grabbed the tripod and besides Jace being a little booger and refusing to be happy or smile (what’s new?) we actually got some decent captures of us all together for a last min session. My mama heart was full after that evening. Check out the family pic albums below to see a few sneak peaks from our photoshoot Saturday that G took with his phone :)

I am hoping to make cards this year (no promises) but its on the todo list! Either way Ill make a digital one if I cant get them printed in a timely manner so I'll share the pics in the coming weeks :)

Now I had so much more to talk about, but after my browser mishap and my motivation to type and think anymore is just gone. I'm just going to stop rambling right about now and let you get on with your day. Thanks for listening each week to my weekly "thoughts" XO


Just a collection of randomness and things that made me laugh this week that I'm sharing in hopes of making you smile. Don't be boring, just scroll and laugh a little bit :)



(click on any pic to see them bigger)


Weekly Reminder for Myself

(and maybe you too)

You can be a good person with a kind heart, and still say NO!

It's so important to set boundaries around the holiday season to protect your peace.

I have been getting multiple requests for fall shoots the past week and as much as I want to make more dates available, the time is just not there for me to do anymore without sacrificing time with my family.

See you next week with hopefully less technically difficulties :)


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