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Last 90 days of the decade!

October 1st you guys! Can you even believe we are creeping in on the last three months of the year? And even more, the last 90(ish) days of this decade! Say what? Yep! A new decade starts in just three months!

It just blows my mind how fast time moves. I guess being in the thick of life with four young kids and a husband, my days are mostly a sprint to the finish line (aka my bed) just to do it all over again the next day. I'm not counting on these last few months to get any less busy, we all know 1000% they are going to get MORE busy. For most of us, the last three months of the year brings more stress, eat more, drink more, visits with your extended family, move less. If you don't have a plan, its all too easy to reach for bad coping mechanisms. That's why for the LAST 90 DAYS, I am participating in this challenge I found over at The gist of it is, focusing on FIVE habits that will help you make real change in your life and start the year stronger then ever.

The 5 to Thrive Recipe:

For #4, they suggest giving up one category of food each month for 30 days instead of taking out one thing for the whole 90 days. For me, this October I'm staying sober, and will not be having any alcohol. I think for November I'm going to do ALL processed sugar, and I have not decided on December quite yet. I had this conversation with my boys, and they all decided they wanted to give up soda. Now they drink maybe 4 sprites a month when we go out to eat at a nice restaurant, so this should NOT be very difficult for them, but it's a start and I'm excited to see how it all plays out for each of them.

If you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. If you do it for 90 days these things will just become who YOU ARE! That's an investment I feel good about taking. The best way to do it, is to commit to change and not give up on yourself. I have realized I rarely hold myself accountable for the changes I want to see in myself. I give up, make excuses, take a cheat day etc.... But as soon as you do that it's over. Don't break a promise to YOURSELF! By committing to change, and holding each other accountable we can all lift each other up starting TODAY and slay this last three months of the year.

From the start today journal " Any one of these five habits will brighten your outlook....the combination of them all, will utterly change your life."

Let's begin! Who is with me? Leave a comment below if you want to join me on this journey and what your giving up for October! We got this.

XO ~ Krystal


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