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It’s official! Meet your newest certified birth photographer in Las Vegas ❤️

Krystal has successfully completed the essence of birth photography workshop

Love Laugh Play Photography is so thrilled to announce that Krystal has completed the Live Essence of Birth course in the fall of 2020 and has been certified as a birth photographer.

Birth Becomes You certified photographer in Las Vegas Henderson

After the experience of capturing a real life birth, there was fire and life in side me I could not ignore. This course fell into my lap at the perfect moment. I was going to do anything I could to learn more about being a birth photographer. To read about the night that changed everything for me, and that first birth story that I photographed, click here.

I am so thankful for finding the Essence of Birth course as it gave me all the tools to dive right into this unique career path and have never looked back. The program made it easy to get the support, business basics, knowledge about different birth spaces, and how best to use your camera in the tough lighting conditions I was not used too. I really enjoyed getting a real life insider glance at the pro's in action doing what they do best! There was even a whole section on self care and how important it is while pursuing such a demanding field of work. Something that most of us easily overlook and then are burnt out before we even really start!

The instructors of the course JENNIFER MASON and MONET NICOLE have made their mark in the birth photography world, and I quickly was captivated by their work and passion about all things birth.

If you have a moment, check out their amazing and ever so important work. If you are a photographer looking to learn more about birth photography, this class has it all and I HIGHLY recommend investing in yourself.

As for me, I am now officially certified and am looking for some families to work with during 2021 to help build up my experience and birth portfolio. If you are interested in birth photography and are curious about me attending your birth please contact me today! I have a handful of very discounted sessions to offer to families expecting in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada early this year.

Find my listing , and all the certified birth photographers around the country with this search tool from Birth Becomes You >> FIND A CERTIFIED BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER IN MY CITY

Until next time friends!

XO Krystal


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