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Homebirth to Cesarean Birth Story

I am excited to share this birth story from my last birth client of 2022!

It's an amazing story of perseverance, strength and letting go of expectations. Andreas vision for her home birth was beautiful but her c-section proved that all births are unique and simply put a miracle no matter how they come earthside. Plans aside, in labor land, baby is the boss and running the show. Pretty sure they also never stop running the show after they are born haha!!

Unfortunately I was not able to follow them into the OR to document the birth and baby girl Daphne was taken to NICU directly after being born, but Andrea's mom was by her side the whole time and able to capture some great images we added to her story. We met up again at Andrea's home the day her baby girl was released from the hospital for a welcome home session.

Check out her birth story images plus video below and follow along here to read her incredible birth story journey in her own words.

Welcome to the world Daphne born 12-18-2022 in Las Vegas Nevada.


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