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Checking in...Happy October...New Season...Fall Photoshoots updates

Ok someone please pinch me because I don't believe were in October already!  This year is going to go down as the loooooongest days and shortest year of my life.  But here we are, entering the last 90ish days of the year and it's happening whether I want to admit it or not.  

The last few months have been a big blur.  Being a kinder, 6th and 8th grade teacher helper, all while trying to potty train the two year old and keep him from burning the house down.   After virtual school hours, we have either been swimming or making park visits to play outside and catch Pokémon.  Getting outside in the afternoon has been a MUST for us.  Something about the sun and air that grounds me and gives me the energy to not want to pass out at 7:00 pm.  Let's just say it's been a tiring couple months for this mama x 4 which is why I am so delighted for the change in seasons so we can start switching up our routine.  The new moon we had last night was my marker of a new leaf turning.  A new season of life filled with change and uncertainty.  All while knowing that where I am right now, is where I am meant to be and to let it flow with the universe.

Something I've learned during the whole quarantine situation is this.  You really never know what the future holds, and someday just might never conveniently come around.  I have always had some "maybe someday when my kids are older" dreams.  But with the support of my family, they have all stepped up so it can be mommy's turn to check something off that someday list.  Every session booked and sale with me is going 100% towards helping that dream become a reality. 

This new season FALL is my favorite time of year, because I get to see lots of local families for our annual family photoshoots!  It means so much for my small little business to see repeat faces year after year.   Working with you to document your growing families and create memories you can treasure forever and ever is something I just absolutely LOVE doing. Without a doubt, I look forward to it every single year.  

Last year was the first time I included prints with my fall sessions. I got a great response from many of you, and wanted to continue to offer a few of these prints included this year as well.   I want you ALL to experience what amazing quality they are and to have a true family heirloom in your hand.  The archival paper and inks used in these professional quality prints will outlast you and your children.  True heirlooms you can pass down for generations to come.  Your future great grand babies will thank you!  This year's fall package includes your choice of THREE 5 x 7 Heirloom prints.  They can all be the same image and you can have three gifts ready to frame, or pick three different images and create a gallery for your wall as a gift back to your family.   I will also be including a signature custom wooden ornament with your favorite image!  These are so much fun to pull out year after year and are also a fantastic gift.  

If you have not booked yet, there is still time but don't wait too long.  Fall sessions are only being offered through November so I can take a mini hibernation during the holidays.  Please keep in mind that November weather can get very windy, cold and just unpredictable.  Not many kids love being out in the windy cold, so it's best to book as early in the year as you can for the best shot at a beautiful evening.  Also note, time changes the first of November and it will be getting dark here much earlier so photoshoots will need to be scheduled accordingly.   If you need a special date/time please just reach out and ask!

I hope your first OCTOBER weekend is filled with lots of LOVE, LAUGHTER AND PLAYTIME with an occasional PUMPKIN SPICE something thrown in there.  We will be making things scary around here and decorating for Halloween!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please never hesitate to hit reply and send me a quick message!




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