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Reaching New Heights: Senior Graduate 2024 Pole Vaulting at Liberty High

Senior Grad sessions!! I certainly love capturing this milestone. It hit's with extra extra love when I have personally witnessed their growth and success since they were a wee lil thang.

Meet Tommy. This boy has been a neighborhood lifelong friend to my older sons since they were all toddlers. Since I have known Tommy, he has always been one of the happiest, and goofiest kids in the neighborhood. Tommy always has a smile on his face and his future is looking bright as he continues his education to study Exercise Science and will be a member of the track team at the University of New Mexico in the fall.

We had fun including a second location for this session to highlight his love for pole vaulting. Check out his Pole Vaulting Senior Grad highlights below.

The future is yours Tommy. Go get em...Congratulations!


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