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October Week Three Update

I missed last weeks email and almost this weeks! I wasn't going to say it, but now I am. I was telling myself today that "I can't dwell on the past" so let's move on and here I am. Showing up in your inbox unexpectedly.

Life has been busy. Fall photo-shoots are well underway and we had our holiday photo’s taken a few weeks ago too. We had only one little booger during the shoot. Anyone want to guess who it was? Haha, but really I can’t wait to share them with you! I normally don't show my holiday pics until after my cards are sent out, but what do you think about a sneak peak at them in NEXT weeks email? 😊

I should probably start working on my Christmas card and get it out of the way. I ask my children the same set of questions and always include it on my card each year. It’s a fun way for friends near and far to get a quick rundown of how the boys have grown and changed over the years. I still need to ask them their questions this year, so I can’t make it quite yet!…..(note to self to get on that!) If you would like to create a special card tradition, I am offering custom holiday card design or design and print options. I would love to work with a limited number of clients this year on cards, so please let me know right away if you have any interest and want to be emailed more information about this service.

Jace is in his last week of ISR swim training. This week they have had to wear clothes (both summer and winter days) into the pool to see if their float was compromised. It’s interesting and necessary because many kids that fall in are not in a swim suit/swim diaper. It’s nuts how huge the diaper swells up! It’s a considerable amount of weight added. Jace showed great results and was able to find his float even fully clothed and monster diaper. He has really progressed and I’m proud of the little swimmer he has turned into. I’m thinking this weekend we need to heat the pool and show the fam his new set of skills. Annnnd, my mom will be here this weekend so we are all super stoked about that. She is bringing the boys a pumpkin patch she grew for them. Last week they had a freeze and it was going to go into the 20’s so she had to go out to the pumpkins and harvest them ALL by herself (her husband was out of town) in the Freezing cold and dark! Also after working a 10 hour day. My mom is a bad ass grandma haha! Hurry up and load those pumpkins up and get down here already! Check out all these yo!!!

We did Monster Jam on Saturday night. The boys loooove it. Especially the little two. I actually really find it fun. I'm not sure why, but I just like watching it too. Maybe I just don't want to grow up.

We are taking soccer pics tonight with Beckett’s team the Rebels. I can’t wait to get all their little faces behind my new lens! Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful evening. Nothing else major going on. Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week! Until next time… XO Krystal

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