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September Week TWO Update

That was a quick weekend! I feel like these weeks are rolling right into each other so taking time to sit down every week and jot down a few highlights is becoming a fun little mind break for me. I can't tell you how many times I have "thought and tried" to journal but only last a week or two before I got "too busy for that crap". But seeing as how I can't remember crap these days (I’m going with it’s because of lack of sleep for the past 13 years raising 4 boys), I need to do this for my self and my kids because this brain of mine is all over the freaking place!

This was a BIG week for our fam. Beckett started his first week of 4's pre school and now I officially have THREE boys in THREE schools and a 19 month old on the hip. I love his little school so much. We sure are lucky for such a loving and caring first teacher for him. He was so freaking excited the night before, and told me that next week he was even going to be going to Kindergarten but I'm pretty sure he meant next year. Does anyone else wish that all schools would start AFTER labor day? It's the best, and I am 1000% on board for that to be a thing again. Wishful thinking probably haha!

On top of the first week back of school it was his very first soccer practice. In fact it was his very first team practice in his life. It was a freaking hot day, but this kid showed up and gave it his all, and I can not wait to watch him grow at this.

Thursday night 8pm RIGHT after both little boys go to bed, Zayne had just come from his friends house and his entire nasal passage between his eyes/nose is all swollen and he was in lots of pain and very frightened. I had actually never seen anything like it. To happen so fast and get swollen quickly like that was crazy. Soooooooo down we went to the only urgent care. Almost all of them close at 9, and now it’s 8:30 so I was searching to find one open at 9pm somewhat near us. Thankfully we found one (Goodnight Pediatrics, thank you!) and got in and out in under an hour. He had a very bad sinus infection, was prescribed amoxicillin and nose spray and we got to pick it up on our way home and get it started that night within hours of the crazy swelling situation. Good thing too because the next day we were leaving for the lake. Seriously we can’t successfully go on a trip without at least one sick kiddo in tow.

We spent the weekend with my mama at Mohave lake in Arizona. It was our first time there and we really had a wonderful visit despite the hot as hell weather on Saturday! The lake was absolutely beautiful. It was Beckett’s first time tubing behind the boat this weekend too! (I guess that’s another first for that kid). Seeing these boys smile and laugh together make all the hard momming times worth it. Side note, we did NOT get a puppy. The puppy below was a family friends new pup, and now my boys are putting even more pressure on me to get them a dog (insert eye roll here).

Until next week friends, have a wonderful week!

XO ~ Krystal

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