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The Lifestyle Newborn Experience with Krystal

Lifestyle newborn photography is very different from studio/posed newborn photography. It is more relaxed and truly a slice of you and your family, with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. I specialize in natural, organic newborn photography, servicing Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada.

This post highlights what the lifestyle newborn experience is like with me and answers questions about what to wear, how to prepare your home and other questions I get asked most often!

So you've hired me. What comes next? After you book, you will receive a online questionnaire. Once this is filled out, it gets the ball rolling to help me customize your session. I will go through, and follow up with a complimentary phone call to clarify, ask questions and throw ideas at you to see what you think, and vice versa. Once this process is completed, we are really familiar with each other, on the same page and comfortable by the time your new babe gets earth side. Is there an age limit for newborn photography? If you really want photos of your gorgeous, new baby asleep and dreamy, then it's best to do your session within the first 4-12 days. If you're wanting to capture the more awake, interactive images of your new baby, a session like this can take place anytime within the first three months.

What should we wear?

I always recommend a neutral pallet, this does not mean it has to be boring. Some pops of color, textures (lace is fabulous) and most of all whatever fits your style and you are comfortable in. If you are comfortable in your clothes you will be more relaxed during the shoot. I adore bright, airy, whites, grays, bright accents of color and simplicity. You most likely don't want your family to be too matchy-matchy (although some families love this), but you will want to coordinate.

For baby you are welcome to have a couple outfit options to use through the session. One might be a simple white onesie, another might be a outfit with some amazing prints, texture or color and you might want some images of baby wrapped in your favourite muslin or special blanket. Your session should represent you and your family as honestly as possible. Before your session, feel free to send me photos and ideas and I will be happy to offer you wardrobe advice.

How do we prepare our house? Tidy up, declutter to the best of your ability, but don't stress! There is nothing better then "lived-in" homes, but the reality is that you don't want anything too distracting in your images, so find the balance that is right for you.

The main spaces I almost always shoot in during these sessions are the master bedroom, the nursery and the main living area. These are the areas you should focus on when preparing for your session. Ultimately, I will only shoot in the areas with the best natural light. If you need some guidance you are more than welcome to send me some images of your spaces for advice before your session.

Can you tell me a bit more about what to expect at these sessions?

I will arrive with my camera and normally a (very large) bottle of water in hand (got to get that water in all day out here in the sunny desert), kick my shoes off and ask for a little tour of your home to get familiar with your space. We will chat, go over the details we have discussed, I'll get all the heart eyes over your sweet newborn, become BFF's with your other kiddos, and give you a run down of the shot list and my plan for your session. During every newborn session I follow your baby's lead.

I have a loose order in which I shoot, but I keep that completely flexible depending on feed times, cuddle breaks and toddlers being well toddlers. I will give your family direction and guidance to a point, such as positioning you in the best light, asking you to look at each other, look at your baby etc. I am just creating the space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally through these simple prompts.

I normally will begin in the master bedroom, move to the nursery/kids bedrooms and then to the main living area. Most sessions take around two hours.

When will we get our photos back?

Because I know how exciting it can be to get a glimpse at our session together, a sneak peak will be put together and posted to my blog within three days.

You will receive a password protected, beautiful online gallery within two weeks of your session. Here you will be able to view, download and share all images from your session.

A video slideshow of all your darling images will be put into a short (usually under 3 minute) shareable video. To see an example of a gallery video click here.

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