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Weekly Scoop - #08

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel" - MAYA ANGELOU


Finally feels like Winter!

Photoshoots are done for the year and the last fall gallery was edited and sent off last week, just as the weather went from beautiful to freezing ass cold! There is something about December that makes us want to sit by the fire, snuggle up, and pile on the hoodies no matter what the weatherman says, but when it's 75 it's a little harder to get into that mood! It feels like the timing was just perfect for the change in weather here in the Vegas valley.

These past weekends have been all about having fun and less work! It's funny because there has been days where I have not even stepped into my office once or sat down at the computer and it is kinda nice to be honest haha! We visited with Santa, decorated Christmas cookies, made ornaments and made unforgettable holiday memories with friends, gingerbread houses, Christmas light scavenger hunt, pj's and pancakes and so many overly loud and sugar high times in between. These are the years when the amount of things on the calendar is overwhelming but the little kids faces make it all worth it and these years will not last forever.

I feel so grateful to have these next few weeks off work (yay!!). No more late nights up editing after everyone goes to bed or double shots of espresso in the morning to wake me up (ok I might still need the espresso but I can turn it down a notch now). Thank you for catching up with me this week and I hope your holiday season is a beautiful one.


Just a collection of randomness and things that made me laugh this week that I'm sharing in hopes of making you smile. Don't be boring, just scroll and laugh a little bit :)



(click on any pic to see them bigger)


Weekly Reminder for Myself

(and maybe you too)

As we spend time with loved ones and friends a little more this week, I think about our emotions and how they can get left in the dust or possibly all come crashing in at once during these busy holiday weeks full of many different emotions. I have started listening to my inner self much more in the past year(ish). And I am noticing the faster we move through life, the less we feel. As I slow down, pausing occasionally....we can “stop and see” what’s going on inside our bodies naturally. Simply acknowledging your emotion as "it is what it is" reduces the intensity of them, making them easier to manage and control. Our brains are hardwired to identify and remember specific emotions in the body. It is truly a survival mechanism built into our bodies.

How lucky are we that we get to participate in such an amazing unique life experience. It's truly a blessing to be able to enjoy our life and all the emotions that come along with being human. While emotions can be the best and worst thing to ever happen in a particular moment, it provides unconditional meaning to our story here on earth. When you control your thoughts and emotions, you control everything. Goodnight friends.


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