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Bye Bye January....

Is it just me, or did it feel like that January lasted like 500 days? Things have been so busy with the boys, family in general, keeping in touch with friends, the piles of laundry and holiday decorations that are finally put away! To top off the end of January, we had the looooongest weekend full of unexpected surprises (including a lost tooth, emergency trip to dentist and some barf just to name a few things) but now I'm here Tuesday morning in this quiet house and just thinking how no matter how hard we try, we can never predict the future (especially when you have four kids running around in all different stages of life). Just taking life a day at a time, trying my best and going with the flow when things get turned upside down is the only path to sanity in my world right now.

January 2022 - Family Updates

I spent a couple days in Chicago with all my family to celebrate my Grandpa's 88 years on this earth. The services were beautiful and touching. I am beyond thankful I got this opportunity. Special thank's to my husband Garrett for taking off work and holding the fort down so I could make it possible. My grandparent's may be not visually here on this earth anymore, but they left a legacy of loving, smart, honest human beings and we will forever hold them in our hearts and memories. I also celebrated a birthday in January.....38.....eeek why does that sound so old to me.....ahhh because it is! But in all reality I am thankful for every day and year I get to spend surrounded by loved ones. The older we get, the more we learn from the mistakes we have made over the years. I no longer have the energy for situations that threaten my peace of mind, self-respect, and values which I have only learned through growth and getting older. Thank you to everyone of you who took a few minutes of your day last week to call, text, sent cards, flowers and send bday wishes. Cheer's to 38 years :)

Beckett learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels on Jan 1st! He just decided he was ready, got on and went for it and never looked back. Not much fear in this kid. He lost his first tooth at the park (and a few weeks later his second tooth fell out due to it being knocked out at playground) but it was time for those tiny baby teeth to go!

Jace turned four! The energy this kid brings to the table is unlike any of my children. On any given day you will find him singing, dancing, "helping" me in the kitchen, screaming if you tell him no, racing his scooter down the hallway, sneaking into his brother's rooms, trying to hide any and all sugar he has collected from his mama, and giving the sweetest super tight hugs with a big smile and big blue eyes. He will never tell you his real age. He always tells you he is older then his actual age which at any moment could be 6, 15, 25, 60..... you get the idea he want's to be as big as his bro's so badly haha!

Karson has been practicing golf more and tried out for his middle school golf team yesterday. He has played on and off for a few years, but after Covid things really slowed down with golf activities. He needed a grade check signed by all his teachers to tryout and they all left him amazing comments. We will know in a couple days if he made the school team or not, but either way I am so happy that he tried and got the experience and there is always next year.

Zayne is happy being outside 95% of his free time. Riding bikes, hanging out with his neighborhood friends. He got some new riding boots for Christmas and has been breaking them in and taking his dirt bike out a little more. It's crazy to me that he is 1/2 way through is freshman year already and will have his drivers license late this year.

January Photo's

February energy feels like a breath of fresh winter air and while our temps are super mild in Vegas, I have dreams of spring dancing in my head. But, slowing my roll a little, I love the colors and treats of Valentines and the traditions my kids have come to look forward too like our Valentines day scavenger hunt and love notes on their bed room doors each morning.

I hope that whatever you've got planned for February, you also make some room for spontaneity, fun and rest!


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