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Belly to Baby Love - Why Maternity Photo's are Priceless!

Are you debating whether you should have maternity photos taken or not? Maternity photos have a super duper special place in my heart.

Pregnancy is an EPIC (yes my 12 year old thinks I'm a "cool" mom for using that word) time of life.

I know it doesn’t feel that epic when you’re getting up every hour to pee in the night. Or when you’re hungry and full at the same time.

But think about what's going on in there for a minute.....

Between the morning sickness and crazy spasms and pains, you’re making a person! A real whole new life, a real living little human.

Will she/he be a little mini you, a miniature version of your partner? Maybe a good mix of both? You don’t really know, and that’s so exciting and amazing!

I know how you feel when you look in that mirror. Believe me, I’ve been there (four times). You feel like a dinosaur and things ache in places you never thought possible. You don’t feel pretty anymore, you just feel awkward and bloated (maybe even peeing your pants when you laugh!). Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but every one of them is beautiful. And I truly believe, it is so important to recognize that.

So let me stop and say…You Are Beautiful!

You might not love the way you look right now, but you will someday. And you will regret not having those memories documented. It’s not about what looks good on the cover of a magazine. It’s about that precious bundle you’re carrying inside. There is nothing more amazing than that in the entire world.

I look back on my own maternity photos and am amazed. At the time I didn’t really like them, now I think I looked amazing and I’m so glad I have them to show my sons one day.

I could go into how professional gear is better than iPhones. But the right camera isn’t what makes a photographer great at their job. Of course, it helps. But a great photographer can take an amazing photo with virtually any gear. It’s about what they know, not what they have.

You DESERVE to have this time documented and to have these priceless memories live on forever and ever.

Maternity photography is so magnificent. A professional photographer is capturing not only how you look (you BEAUTIFUL mama!) but how you FEEL! Go out and get those photos taken before it's too late!

I promise in five years, you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t forget to leave me a note in the comments. Let me know what you think!

Those of you who have had maternity photos taken, were you happy you had them done? If you didn’t have them done, do you regret it?

I’d love to hear some feedback from you!

XO ~ Krystal

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