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Why I am recording one second everyday in 2019 and how you can too!

I know, I know. Your saying that sounds crazy, and asking yourself how and when would I ever have the time to do this?

I must say, I was pretty inspired about this project when I first discovered the 1 Second Everyday app. Now that I've hit the 365 day mark…I am overjoyed with the outcome.

Probably the biggest challenge of this project was remembering to capture video each day. That's were the live photo's come in so handy! I keep this option on in my phone's camera and it's so nice to have the option to use your live photo's for this project when there were no videos! There was also a handful of times that I forgot to take a video or any pictures. So, I just pulled footage from a nearby day which is easy to do in this app.

Watching the mash-up video from 2018 was a breathtaking experience for me. Seeing these seconds flying by. Our life went from three boys to four in the blink of an eye, and to have a glimpse at the whole year in's just magical.

What's to loose? Fiddle around with it a few times, and you’ll know the ins and outs and you can make your own 365 video too! When I first downloaded this app it was $4.99. Now it's free, but they do have a premium option that is a fee. The extra options are very useful and the backup feature is 100% worth my dollars. I honestly think it's money well spent considering how quickly and easy this app makes it to preserve your memories and all the great add on features including music.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Start now! Don't wait for the perfect time to begin this project.

My biggest tip, would be to set a daily notification on your phone to remind you to add your footage. The daily reminder was the key to my success and kept me consistent.

Also, don't forget to shoot in landscape view when at all possible. Things like Instagram have trained us to shoot in portrait mode, but screens besides our phones are normally wider than they are tall and should really be shot landscape! The finished video looks so much better when shot in full frame and now looking back I had wished I did more horizontal video's. This is defiantly something I'm working on this year!

The developers of this app have really made a great product. I love the option to add two video's per day now. With four kids, most times it's way too hard to narrow it down to one video per day! Also the option to extend your video up to 3 seconds is ahhhhmazing to get all that goodness crammed in.

My ONLY complaint would be, when you use a still picture for your footage, it clicks by so incredibly fast. I wish there was an option to make the still picture last longer in the video. I felt so strongly about this, I emailed the company and within ONE day I got a response that said they were working on lots of exciting things for the app and my suggestion was one of them and will be rolled out this year in the app. This company is the real deal, and I can't wait to see what other fun things they do.

From the exciting baby milestones, to the boys being silly, to family events and nights out laughing with friends, I’m incredibly grateful for the footage of the ordinary moments that I will always remember now.

If you are curious what our 2018 video looked like. Grab a cup of something fabulous and open your eyes wide, because those seconds fly by rather quickly! And, to see the start of my 2019 video, look for the post from today on my Instagram page here.

Now it's your turn! What are your favorite ways of documenting your life?

Learn more and download the 1 Second Everyday app here

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