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Feature Friday - Inspirada Overlook

39 weeks and a few days preggo now. Were in the final countdown. I'm actually surprised baby has not came yet. My mom will be getting here this weekend, so I'm sorta glad it's held off a little bit. Mama needs some reinforcements for the troops :) Can't wait much longer to love on that tiny little human, let's get this show on the road baby!!!

This week's Feature Friday was taken at the overlook in Inspirada, which is located in the south eastern part of Henderson, Nevada. On a clear day (which we have a lot of) this gem has an amazing view of the whole strip, great mountain/desert background, along with beautifully landscaped grassy area. Was such a popular spot with families this year including this adorable family who make my job too easy! They have trusted me to capture their family many times and I am truly grateful for repeat clients like them.

Until next time & hopefully I'll be a mommy of four by then :) ~ Krystal

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