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September WEEK 4

Hey there friends! It's my Sunday update (that sometimes does not get done a Sunday), but today this is happening! Did you know tomorrow is the first day of FALL?!? To say I'm excited is an understatement. The mornings and evenings have been.....may I say.....chilly...........and it's warming my heart. Although I despise the cold, so can we just please keep it a chill 75-85 degrees until November mother nature?

This week I hung this beautiful stained glass piece by Colin Adrian Glass. It's a full moon with a crescent inside it and the light changes the way it looks throughout the day. They had a dark version that was wicked cool. I wish I could have snagged that one, but looking at this just makes me happy. I purchased this limited piece here from and now I think I'm hooked, and want to collect many more! My remember my dad used to love stained glass when I was younger, and I guess it has always caught my eye.

Family updates! Jace has been doing ISR swim lessons for two weeks now in the six week program. He is still crying when I have to hand him over to his amazing teacher in the pool, but the lessons are a short 10 minutes a day and he is progressing nicely. I can already tell he is feeling more confident in the water. We missed Friday's class which is the only day to take pics/videos so look for a picture next Sunday! Can't wait to see what four more weeks do for him! Here he is cheering on Beckett with snacks in hand!

Beckett decorated and hid kindess rocks with his class this week. The idea is to decorate rocks and then hide them so someone lucky will find it and smile. He is loving school this year and has really grown up so much over the summer! He is obsessed with cars preferably fast cars lol. He can name the brand of almost every car on the road and currently wants to be a race car driver when he gets big.

Zayne is still scootering everyday and running away when I point the camera his way. He had a taste of what it feels like to hit metal moving very quickly on his shin and so he was hating life for one evening this week. These boys and all their bruises!

Karson pulled an all righter at a sleepover this weekend, and no matter how hard he tried he could not hang all day. He barely made it to noon before falling asleep in his dads car. I can not imagine napping this hard. This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

Garrett and I needed coordinating shirts for a birthday party this weekend. It's been a hot minute since I've heat transferred vinyl, but my trusty silhouette pulled through and I made these bad boys. Which reminds me I need to order some new sticky cutting mats. Mine are so old and crappy. Maybe I need a small shirt press too haha! The iron just does not provide consistent results for me. And we forgot to get a picture of ourselves in these shirts last night! Hopefully someone got a pic at that party (if you did and your reading this send it my way lol).

Saturday we are taking our family pics for the holidays. It's going to be something we have never done before and I can't wait to share it with you! Want to take any guesses? I'll spill the beans in next week's update! Hope everyone has a beautiful week.

XO ~ Krystal


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