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Romantic Sedona Weekend -Fall Birthday Gift for G

Like a lot of men, my husband Garrett is hard to buy a birthday present for. I try to keep a few things on the back burner but this year I had really no good ideas.

He had told me all he wanted was a weekend away with just me. Thats all I had and it was beyond overdue, so I had to make it happen. Between raising four mini humans plus work and household duties we just had not made the time for a just us vacay.

After crunching the calendar I found one long weekend we could "escape" before the end of the year. My mom was willing to watch the boys for me (thanks again mom) so I decided on Sedona Arizona for the convinience of my moms house being on the way there. We love Sedona and had not been there since Beckett was a tiny baby over 7 years ago.

Hotel prices were outrageous, so I resorted to looking for a cute vacation rental. When I came across this tiny historic cabin right off oak creek canyon, but also close to town I knew it was the one....almost instantly!

Within minutes of finding the tiny cabin, I reserved it. No more looking, I knew it was gonna be just what we needed. The cabin was perfect. Tucked away among huge trees that were changing colors and dropping leaves before our eyes. This place had an outdoor bathtub (my personal fav) and I seriously had the best bath of my entire life out there. The vibes out there in Sedona I'm tellin ya :) are special.

We had just an incredible time. It was so overdue. We couldn't see it until it happened, and I'm happy to report that we have seen the light!! We are definitely going to put more of these long weekender getaways in our near (and distant) future and never get too busy for them again.

I brought my big heavy camera along and pulled it out here and there. I enjoyed getting creative with angles, textures and light while taking lots of scenic pictures on our adventures. Nature and our planet is just f*ing awesome. Each city so unique and beautiful in their own way. I hope you enjoy looking through the lens of my personal Sedona collection.

Ps. If your looking for a romantic historic tiny cabin in Sedona (great location to town) let me know and I'll share the info!