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On the last leap year February 29th 2016, I wanted to make it memorable and fun for our family. I'm a sucker for fun (and easy) family traditions and I just had to get on this bandwagon. I got a brown box and told the boys they could each put something in our 2016 time capsule. They could put whatever their little hearts wanted inside the box, but for four years I would stash it away and we wouldn't open it until 2020 in four years.

I can't tell you what's in there. Pretty sure most of them forgot about it. I think there are some hot wheels for sure, and some drawings and pictures. I really don't remember much so I'm excited to see what we put in there back then. Zayne was nine, Karson was seven and Beckett was not even a year old and Jace.....well he wasn't even a sparkle in my eye yet.

If you want to start more family traditions, I would highly suggest this one! What's great about it for me is that its about as simple as traditions get. The kids do most the work and it gets them thinking and looking at their things. It's fun to see what they choose to put in there! I'm going to make them all come do this with me every leap year even when they are adults haha! Who knows maybe I'll have grandkids treasures in my leap year boxes someday many many many many many leap years from now.

If you do give it a try, please let me know! I want to see those boxes too. I have created a free LEAP YEAR 2020 printable for your box you can download it here! Print it out, have junior color them if you want, cut out the designs and tape them to the outside of your box once it's closed for good. These labels make it so you don't accidentally open that box by accident! Last but not least, find a good spot to stash it that you wont forget about! Want to know where I hide mine? Let me know in the comments if your interested in my hiding spot!


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