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Feature Friday - Dry Lake Bed Photoshoot


With father's day this Sunday, this week I really wanted to highlight a fun session we did this past fall.

My first photoshoot at the dry lake bed was an adventure of sorts, but I love the vibe coming from this place is charming and glamourous! Just take a look at my dear friend Felicia's little family. Both girls were in not so awesome moods haha after the drive to the dry lake beds put them both to sleep. Certainly their comfy car seat naps were way more important then perfect family photos. We can't argue with that fact! Hey I'm here to say when things like that happen, to just embrace it! We did the best we could in the short 30 minutes we had them "sorta" working with us. We may have bribed them a tiny little bit :) but the shots of Cliff spinning the girls (they both wanted to be in his arms only), are so genuine and real. They can look back on these and laugh about it in twenty years with them. My photoshoots are not just about the photos. Yes, you will get great photos, but I try and make this as natural and relaxed as possible. Just let your family explore, and play, and laugh, and love on you. These are memories for a lifetime gift for your family.

Who's ready to be my second family at the dry lake bed, but my first SUMMER sunset shoot!? Could you imagine having a squirt gun or water balloon fight at the end of your shoot? Or ice cream cones! So many possibilities for these warmer months that you can't get in the winter. Let me know if you want to collaborate a shoot and get your family some fun summer photo's.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddy's out there!

XO ~ Krystal

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