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FREE Valentines Day Printable

What kid does not like sticky hands?

My boys LOVE them.

Yes, they are short lived but it's a fun alternative to candy and it will definitely make kids of all ages (over the age of 3)

laugh and giggle for at least a few minutes!

Download and print this free DIY valentine

that you can cut out, fold then staple to

sticky hands for the perfect non candy school

valentine for your kiddos to hand out.

Each sheet prints 4 valentines.

For this project you need:

Paper that fits in your printer

Paper cutter (I love this one) or scissors


& Sticky hands

I used 60lb card stock I bought at Michael's, but you can use any regular printer paper as well it just won't be as thick. I purchased my sticky hands in bulk from eBay! They came individually wrapped and I just stapled the card to the top of the little package.
For your free pdf download please click here.
Also this week, when you subscribe to my email list (top right) I will email you another free Valentines printable "VALENTINES DAY LUNCH BOX JOKES" that you can use the week of Valentines day for your kids lunches!
Thank you for your support!

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