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Feature Friday - Wetlands Park

Fall sessions are one of my absolute favorite to shoot! I think every family deserves to have beautiful pictures taken of them at least once a year. It may seem tiresome, expensive and a chore to get out there and get them done, but those days (and young faces) you will never get back. The memories you choose to capture will be a priceless stamp in your history for generations to enjoy.

This week's Feature Friday was taken at the beautiful wetlands park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wetlands park spans 2,900 acres, and is the largest park system in Clark County. Whether your discovering the native wildlife and habitats or simply taking in the serene landscape, the wetlands park is a real gem in this hustle and bustle city! I highly recommend taking a afternoon to go explore this place.

Check out this adorable family!

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to stop by! I hope you have an amazing January weekend ~ Krystal

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