I am a early riser on my best days, and a bit of a coffee snob who is basically a slave to my four boys, plant babies and high school sweetheart hubby.  I wouldn't change it all for the world though, these boys have me wrapped around their little fingers and they better take care of me someday.  I know these days are fleeting and my kids will not be little forever so I try to embrace each day with a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Our family calls sunny Henderson Nevada home!

When I first moved to the Las Vegas valley, St. Rose Pkwy was

a two lane (one each side) street with practically zero stops.  

Now, it's a ten lane high speed vein through this part of town. 

It's mind-blowing to see the growth this city has had over the

nearly two decades we have been building a family here. 


What I love most about living in Southern Nevada is meeting friendly people from all over the world, sunsets, the beautiful mountains,

"mild" winters with snow just a quick drive away, and the few weeks of perfect temps we get in the fall and spring (but I despise the crazy wind), amazing hiking trails and being within driving distance to a whole bunch of different states and national parks to explore at our leisure.

It took me about 10 good years of living here before it grew on me, but Nevada you will forever have a piece of my heart. Nevada strong baby.

images by angie michuda photography

My family of BOYS!!!

My reason for doing this work - This pic sums them up perfectly

I am excited to be offering birth photography to the families in the Las Vegas and Henderson area!  I gave birth to four battle born babies and am a proud Nevada strong mama. 


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Bringing FOUR boys into this world looked so different every single time for me! 

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