Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back at Last!

It's been practically forever since I've been on here.  Let's just say the past two years have been busy ones! Who am I kidding the last eight years since I became a mom have all been crazy! I would like to start this page back up with more "family updates" so our family and friends who we don't get to catch up with often enough can still see what we're up to, and that we are alive and well! 

So what's new with us? 

Currently, the biggest news is that I am 37 weeks pregnant with our third son (we have to keep the craziness rolling you know)!  He is due April 1st and we are all getting so excited to meet this new littlest Leaver.  I have had a truly wonderful pregnancy and felt great through it all.  It has flown by though! I swear it was yesterday when I just found out.  People keep asking us if we are ready?  My answer? Heck no, but he is going to come when he is good and ready so it's crunch time now until that day comes (which who knows, could be tomorrow 😳). Hopefully not tomorrow though, because his closet is being redone in the morning and I will finally be able to get his stuff properly out away and get the final touches going on his new nursery.  So excited for this little step to be getting done and checked off the todo list! 

Bring on the count down! 3⃣2⃣1⃣👶

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