Monday, January 7, 2013


Well we have had one heck of a busy year.  January 2013 is here and I could not be happier!  I have been looking forward to January since last October when my life turns into a 100 mph race to the finish.  I swear I need to be more organized this year ( I think I say that every year).  Maybe I'm doing too much but I consider these the "crazy busy years of my life" and I know I will wake up one day and not have a single thing to do for my kids.  I want to make these years count in every way.  All the little things just can't be overlooked as far as I'm concerned.  Although, I am hoping for things to slow down some for a little bit anyway. I am determined to make my to do list a lot shorter before October rolls around again :)
Today was Zayne's first day back at school.  He was excited, I think I was a little sad.  I did really enjoy having them both home for the two weeks.  The boys have been waking up before 7:00 all week and now the day they have to wake up they want to sleep in.  I don't get it.  Either way, he had a great day and is already back into the swing of things.  Karson and I played 3 endless games of Candy Land and he serenaded me with some Christmas carols.  I also video taped it, and if you would like to see his rendition of a few family favorites watch him below. It cracks me up every time, and it's sure to get at least one smile out of you too :)

See you all soon, Good night.

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  1. LOL! He is too cute! Love, Natalie