Thursday, October 18, 2012


Friday, October 19th Only
Mary's Air Chilled Whole Chickens
Sale $0.99lb Reg $2.59lb

 Mary's chickens live in spacious houses with outdoor areas to roam, and are fed a vegetarian diet, without antibiotics. They are Step Rated 3 by the Global Animal Partnership.  To learn even more about Mary's Chicken's, go check out their website here.

I absolutely love when these chickens go on sale.  The last time these were on sale, I bought 10 for a mere $41.00!!!  They are wrapped in paper and freeze up perfectly and you can do SO MUCH with one simple chicken.  You can even ask your local whole foods butcher to cut the chickens in pieces for you for FREE!  I usually do 1/2 cut up and 1/2 whole when I buy a bunch of them on sale like this.  We normally cook one chicken every week and it will last us two meals and I can make a nice batch of stock which you can make practically for free after you are all said and done.  If you do not plan on making stock right away, toss your chicken bones in a freezer bag and when you are ready to make stock you will have extra bones ready to toss into the pot and can make a larger batch this way.  One thing to keep in mind when freezing these is that they take about 2-3 days to defrost, so make sure you give your self plenty of time for it to safely defrost in your refrigerator before you need it.

Also on sale at Whole Foods tomorrow:

Friday, October 19th Only
Cooked White Shrimp
        Sale $6.99/lb (Regular $12.99/lb)
Previously Frozen, 31/40 count

COPIED FROM WHOLE FOODS EMAIL: Farmed in Thailand with strict standards for environmental protection, we can trace these shrimp to the source. The farms are verified by third party audits to ensure that farming practices meet our strict farm-raised seafood standards, which prohibit the use of preservatives and antibiotics.

While you are visiting Whole Foods, keep an eye out for their Non GMO sale going on

Friday, October 19th - Sunday, October 21st
Savings on hundreds of Non-GMO Project Verified products. Choose from a wide selection of products including Annie's, Amy's, Eden Organics, Lundberg Rice and more!

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