Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A few years ago, my husband and I started drinking more and more tea. We even had a cabinet in our house devoted to tea only. Now two kids later and sleep deprived that "tea cabinet" has been taken over by coffee, but I still try and get a cup or two of tea into my diet daily.

 After experimenting with all different kids of tea, red (Roobios) tea was always one of my absolute favorites. There is seriously so many good things in these teas and best of all no sugar, no caffeine + vitamins & minerals. What's not to love? 

I make a large batch of strong tea and then pour it into a glass container to keep in the fridge.  When my kids want something a little more flavorful then water, I love pulling this out and pouring it over ice.  If you make it strong you probably want to add a little water to the glass to dilute it some.  I find that the bottle of tea lasts longer if I just make it strong and dilute it as necessary.  If your kids have a cold or like sweeter beverages consider adding some raw honey or lemon (or both) to the tea when it's still warm.  Always make sure to shake or stir the tea before serving, because the fine tea particles settle to the bottom after sitting.  

As far as brands of tea go, I love anything by The Republic of Tea which can be found at a lot of retail supermarkets including whole foods.  It's easy but can be pricey unless you find it on sale.  If you are looking to buy loose tea in bulk Mountian Rose Herbs has outstanding teas for a great price.  These do come loose though so you need to strain the tea out of the water with a fine sieve or tea strainer.   My favorite is the Organic Roobis Green Tea which is a blend but is high in antioxidants, trace minerals and nutrients.  I absolutely love this tea. 

If you already drink tea, what kind is your favorite?  Do you prefer bagged or loose leaf tea?  If you are new to making loose leaf tea and have more questions on how to brew the different kinds, please leave a comment and I will respond as quickly as possible. We have made lots and lots of tea over the past few years. 

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