Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Garden News

The gardens are really flourishing right now.  We had a few cloudy, humid, rainy days last week and the plants just love when that kind of weather rolls are way.   It's not very often it does, so we notice a huge difference in the plants.  It's about time to start thinking about fall planting now, I can't believe how fast this summer has literally flown by!  I mean seriously, I dislike how fast time is going by these days.  My kids are changing and growing up just way too fast.  No matter how fast the days go by, I am so very happy when I get an hour to garden and have that little bit of peace in my life.

HOME GARDEN: This week in our garden at home we cut down the giant sunflower head!  The plant was over seven feet tall and the head of this thing was about 12" across.  This is the first time we have ever tried growing one of these, but I look forward to trying them out again.  It was a really cool plant to watch grow through it's entire cycle, and the kids just loved it.  As soon as we cut the head off it, they wanted to try a seed.  We popped some out and had a tiny snack ha-ha.  

Our pot of herbs is also growing like a weed.  I have been harvesting and drying a bunch to have in the winter time. Every time I give it a trim, it just grows right back practically over night.  If you are a follower of LoveLaughPlay and live in the area, please let me know I would be happy to share some of these wonderful organic herbs with you for free.  I really have too many to use, please don't hesitate to ask.

Then we have a bunch of peppers (all kinds) that have been doing really well.  Those humid days really helped out these guys a lot.  Now it's torturous hot again, so I'm not sure if they will all make it, but only time will tell.

TRIBAL GARDEN:  I like to go to this garden in the evening's when my husband is home to watch the kids and I don't have to drag them there for an hour in the heat of the day.  There was lot's of happy bugs checking things out while I was there, which was a pleasant surprise.  

I thought we had a bunch of watermelons growing, but what I thought was watermelons is actually cantelope and the skins are all starting to change to that cream color.  Other things that are growing now are patty pan squash (these are so cute), beets, butternut squash (i think), tons of spinach and chard, and we practically have a forest of fresh herbs.  Oooh and we had a few tomatoes form from all the cooler days we had.  Usually the flowers just fall off before they fruit in the summer because our nights & days are too hot, but there is a few tomatoes now. The green bean plants have been growing like crazy and flowering a lot but I have not seen any actual beans yet.  Well see, hopefully soon.  

Now it's time for me to take my oldest to Karate class.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you check back with us again soon.  Until next time :)

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