Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lowe's Build & Grow Workshops

Last week I mentioned the Lowe's Build & Grow workshop for kids happening every other weekend.  I took the boys for the first time to build the Shrek Dragon and it was awesome.  Seriously so stinking cute, the first time they come they get a workshop apron, a little hammer, safety goggles and the activity kit to build all for free!  

After you finish, you bring it up to the people there running this workshop, and they give you a fabric patch to iron on your kids apron (and a sucker).  There was one little boy there who's apron was almost full of patches, he was an expert builder ha-ha!  How fun!  

Only concern is that the kids can get tired of hammering the little nails in so I ended up helping Karson start most of the nails and he helped finish them off.  The kids loved it and keep asking me when the next one is.  They get to build the Shrek "onion" carriage this week (pictured above).

We are going to try the Saturday time slot this weekend.  You need to register your kids online before you go (they let you register up to two weeks ahead of time) and print out the waiver form and bring it with you (don't forget to sign the form).

To register your kids or learn more about the upcoming workshops click here.

"Look at the cool dragon I made"

Playing "work men" at home this week

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