Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Re-Use-It : Wrapping With Newspaper

How many of you remember wrapping gifts in comics when you were little?  I certainly do, but that tradition is getting over wrapped by pretty paper and the most popular gift bag.  There is nothing wrong with these options when you are in a pinch, but if I have time I try and think outside the box and reduce my waste.

I go back to those comic wrapping days when we didn't run to the store every time we "needed" something.  We searched the house and made things out of stuff we already had at home.  Using comics is fun, practical, and recyclable, plus it teaches kids to think beyond the traditional methods.  There is so much stuff in our homes that can be turned into something else if we just get a little creative and sometimes silly :)

There is something about seeing gifts wrapped in newspaper that makes them feel a little retro cool. Does that mean I'm getting old already?  I started saving comics from the Sunday paper and sticking them with the wrapping paper.  They have been patiently waiting to be used up or crafted into something. 

I wrapped a bottle of wine in the comics a few weeks ago, and made a newspaper bow to match.  Then affixed it to the wrapped bottle using colored electrical tape (any kind of tape will work fine, we just happen to have an overload of electrical tape at this time)

I thought it came out cute, what do you think?
There are tons of tutorials on making newspaper bows online. If anyone is interested in me posting the directions for this one let me know and I will put it online.

Now go have fun wrapping your next gift and save the earth (and your wallet) one present at a time.

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  1. Nice Job Krystal!! I think it looks great
    Lv Mom