Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NEW: Weekly Garden News

Gardening is one of my favorite ways to escape the every day chaos in this busy world.  As many of you know this past spring a few friends of mine that live in the Anthem Highlands area decided to start a small organic community garden.  We built five large raised beds with irrigation and just recently installed some shade covers.  We have had our challenges starting up, but as we figure out all the kinks every week our plants are looking better and better.  I am super excited about the potential of this garden, it's going to be great!

We also have a small garden at our home.  Our yard is teeny tiny so we have plants scattered all around our front and back yard.  

I am going to use this blog to keep a weekly "journal" of the progress of both gardens so I can look back from time to time and see the yearly changes.  I will refer to the community garden as the "tribal garden" and the garden at home as the "home garden".

The beds are flourishing and we now have some zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon producing fruit.  We planted pumpkin seeds about three weeks ago and they seem to have doubled in size since last week.  Most  of the pumpkin plants have their third set of leaves now and show no signs of slowing down.  

The green beans we planted in the spring never really took off, but the three plants that made it have really started to climb and have tons of flowers and growth.  I think we might be getting some beans on those plants soon. 

Not sure we really should be having beets in the heat of summer, but we have tons of baby beets growing nicely and I can not wait to pick me a few of them!  I recently started to love beets, now I can't get enough of them.  Other plants growing at a steady (but slower) pace are two types of kale, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes and brussel sprouts to name a few.  I harvested some spinach, swiss chard and herbs to dry because they are getting out of control and need to be cut.


We have a large sunflower that is over 6 feet tall and the head is now producing seeds.  The thing is giant, pictures do not do it justice!  I wish I had taken pictures of my kids standing next to it through the growth cycle but with all those seeds, there is always next time ;)  

The serrano pepper plant has at least 20 nice peppers on it almost ready for picking. Not sure what I'm going to do with them all, I wonder if you can freeze them?  I am going to have to google that one.  

I have also been harvesting some herbs this week that have gotten huge like lemon verbena, basil, thyme and drying them out for the winter. It seems like the more I cut them, the faster they grow back.  

This is my first garden news update, be sure to check back every week for more on this adventure of gardening in the hot Las Vegas Desert. If we can do it here, anyone can do it!

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