Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Review: Mendocino Sea Salt Company "Sea Smoke"

Mendocino Sea Salt is one of the little gems that we discovered while visiting our favorite getaway spot in Mendocino, California.  
After our first trip there eight years ago, we have been going back every year.  We instantly fell in love with this little spot on the map, and  loved it so much we decided to have our wedding there almost six years ago.  It's so peaceful, gorgeous, and really puts you in touch with nature and the most important things in life.  Cell phones still don't work up there which forces you to slow down and enjoy this absolutely beautiful land.

Last summer while visiting we got a chance to check out the Mendocino farmers market.  We were introduced to this Mendocino Sea Salt and were instantly hooked.  It is family owned and operated (which I LOVE) and the salt is collected off the clear, mineral rich waters of the Mendocino Coast.  I'm telling you, it does not get more fresh then this.

My favorite salt that they make is the "Sea Smoke".  They smoke their sea salt for three days with a exclusive recipe of coastal woods and seaweeds.  It smells and tastes like a subtle bonfire on the beach!  I have never used anything like it, and it gives such a wonderful hint of smoky flavor to everything you use it on.  It's the little secret spice that can turn an ordinary dish into something fabulous, and you only need a tiny pinch!  We have been loyal customers since, and have tried all of the salts they make and love each and every one, but the Sea Smoke is so different and a must try.

A couple weeks ago when I went to the Downtown 3rd Farmer's Market here in Vegas, I walked in and saw this sea salt being sold and my jaw hit the floor!  I am so very happy for the small company, and I know they are going to continue to gain popularity.  It just takes one taste of this perfectly flaky salt and you can't look back.

If you ever see this stuff (or you can order from them online) I would suggest grabbing a bottle or two. This salt is also a great gift that any home chef would truly appreciate.

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