Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Park Day - Reunion Trails Park

Zayne "officially" turned 5-1/2 yesterday.  He has patiently been counting down the days since Karson turned 3-1/2 two weeks ago.  He woke up with a smile and said "I think I got bigger last night".  Ha-ha to be a kid again.  We had the day off so we picked up their favorite lunch place (Subway) and took it to the new park we had been hearing about, Reunion Trails Park.

From the moment we pulled up, you could tell this park is nothing like any of the parks we had been to before.  The park is pretty awesome and just so different.  They have a large splash pad area that has some unique features including a river and a waterfall! Seriously so cool.  The regular play equipment is almost all shaded and there is an area for younger kids (2-5) as well as older area (5-12). There is a couple of big rock walls for the older kids to climb all over.  

Reunion Trails Park,  is definitely one you should check out over the summer.  If you have more than one child, and they tend to run in opposite directions you may want to bring an extra person with you when you come here.  There is a lot of areas to play in and the kids can get separated pretty quickly if they are runners.

It's conveniently located off the 215 and Stephanie.  Their address is 44 Chapata Dr.  Take Paseo Verde east until you see Chapata Drive and turn left to the park.  You can't miss it. 

We had such a great afternoon here, I really hope some of you get a chance to bring your kids here sometime soon.  If anyone wants to have a park play date here, we are definitely in! 

Here are some of the pictures we took yesterday.

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