Friday, May 4, 2012

HOT DEAL: Jason Natural Family Sunblock, SPF 45

This month at Whole Foods they have Jason Natural Family 45 SPF Sunblock on sale 2 for $10!  That's only 5 bucks a piece marked down from $11.99 each!  I grabbed two this morning and tested it out on myself and the boys today.  It rubs in very quickly.  Leaves no white sticky residue what so ever, and smells very good too!  We didn't try it on our faces.  Sunscreen always burns my eyes so I use one of those face sticks and that works for us.  Overall it seems like a great find as far as sunscreens go.

This sunblock is Paraben and PABA free, great for sensitive skin and sweat and water resistant.  What's not to love? 

The sale is going on until May 30th.  I will be going back to grab a few more tubes to last me through the hot (and sunny) summer before the sale ends.  I normally will opt for some kind of spray on sunscreen but it gets everywhere and I like to apply it in the morning when I get the kids dressed and can't use the spray inside so this is perfect!

Go grab up some of this great sunscreen for you and your family while the price is unbeatable!

Hurry! Amazon sells a two pack of this for $24.62 and you can get two for $10!

For more information about this product visit their website here

While you are at Whole Foods don't forget to pick up one of their new Whole Deals coupon books at the entrance.  The coupons in there are good until 7-31-12 and there are also some great recipes as well.

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  1. While I was picking up some more sunscreen today, I noticed the sale is actually going on through the whole month of May until the 30th! I updated the post with the correct information. I hope everyone has a chance to pick some up at this great price. The Town Square location in Las Vegas had a shelf full of this sunscreen in stock!