Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re Purpose Bread Clips For Securing Pesky Cords!

Messy cords drive me nuts! I store most of my small appliances in a cabinet in my kitchen because I can't have them all lying around on my counter tops (messy counters drive me nuts too).  These days there is a small machine for everything!  Most of them have no place to secure the cord, so I was stuck wrapping the cord around them and tucking it in hoping that I could quickly put it away before the cord came unraveling on me.  I solved this problem by saving old bread clips and securing the cord with the clip that way it stays nice and neat without unraveling until I need it again.  I love it when things are just that simple and best of all free!  I keep a little jar for all my bread clips (the extra big ones are my fav) and if the clip eventually breaks, they are thin plastic after all, just toss it and grab a new one from your supply.  Now that's easy!

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