Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: SureTrack - Train Table Clips

How many of you have a train table at home that always looks like an earthquake hit it?  Well I always did until I tried these little suretrack clips.  They are designed to easily slide onto your wooden track pieces to stabilize the whole railway system.  The layout can remain intact for extended periods of time without glue or nails.  You can also create all new track layouts that you never thought were possible using these little "magic" clips.  They fit snugly to almost any wooden track that I have tried, we have track from a few different brands (Thomas, Mellisa & Doug, Imaginarium) and have had no problem securing them to the railway.  My only complaint is that they are a little pricey and you need to have quite a few of them to keep all the track looking nice.  But they will last a LONG time, and considering the investment we have in their wooden tables already I considered it to be worth the cost for us. I bought three packs off of Amazon for $28.74 for 42 clips with free shipping which came out to be $0.68 per clip.  I think they are a must have for any train table and they would make a great addition to your little ones Easter basket.  Our Easter bunny is always thinking of ways to make our families life a little easier come spring time, plus how much little junk do they really need?

Do you use SureTrack at home already? 
If not, how do you keep your kids train table in check?

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