Friday, March 2, 2012

REVIEW: Prince Lionheart BoosterPod

It was time for us to purchase a booster seat for our growing boy.  He was always happy with his high chair until recently he decided he wanted to sit at the table in his big boy chair.  Needless to say, I am happy to have one less thing taking up space in my dining room so I jumped at the chance to say bye bye to the high chair and move him on up to a chair booster seat.  I wanted something that would strap on to the chair itself because there is a lot of boosters out there that just sit up on top of the chair but i did not want the kids moving the seat off the chair and it's way more secure and steady if it straps to the chair.  Also I needed something that I could remove the seat belt straps because he is three now and can easily get himself up and into the chair (and prefers to do it himself).  And lastly I wanted something soft(er) and it also needed to be easy to clean. 

So what did I decide to buy????

I went with the Prince Lionheart BoosterPod

It comes in four colors aqua, mint, pink and grey and the seat sells for about $40

After using it for a week I can say that I am very happy with the booster and my son just loves it!  It's very lightweight and fits so securely on our chairs.  The color's are pretty neutral which I love and it cleans up in a snap!  I took the 3 point safety belts out of the seat and tucked them up under the bottom of the seat so I would have them for possibly a future child???  It did take me about five minutes of fidgeting with the belts to get them all the way out.  Adjusting the chair straps was also a bit challenging because they are so tight, but once you get it right you wont have to mess with them again so I can't really complain about that.  Overall it took me about 10 minutes from pulling it out of the box to having it securely in it's new home.  

I would recommend it to a friend for sure.  My older son is already asking if we can get him a soft seat like this one too because his is the hard plastic kind and he loves this one so much more!!!

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