Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture of the week - Spring is here!!!

Spring is here! 
Yes I can not believe it either.
Winter just blew past us like it never even happened.

This weeks picture I think is perfect for Spring.  The past week we have had tons of butterflies hanging around our house.  All of our lavender plants have been blooming and attracting these magnificent tiny creatures.  I ran inside one day to grab my camera and got a few shots of these little guys.  I wish I would have had my tripod out and taken a few using that, but I was not sure how long they were going to be there and I was trying to be quick :)  Next time I will try using the tripod and see if I get some better shots, either way it was fun and good practice.

I couldn't pick just one so here is a few of my favorites.

I love being able to see their tiny faces up close.
It's amazing how delicate and beautiful these creatures truley are.
I hope you enjoy your first look at Spring 2012!

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