Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day.  I actually slept in this morning because I did not get a bountiful basket this week and got to stay in bed until 7 AM!  I wanted to try out the local Farmers market here on Sunday, and hopefully pick up some produce and goodies for the coming week to try something different.

We usually don't do too much for the holiday besides dress up in green to avoid being pinched.  The boys had fun picking out their outfits today.  Green underwear...check, green shirt....check, green pants....uhhh well you don't need green pants, ok then :) Zayne's actually do have a slight green tint to them so that is what he choose.

My mom sent the boys a little surprise in the mail, the boys were so excited to open up their own little "packages".  I used to love to get mail when I was little too.  I guess it's kind of a  kid thing ha ha.

They loved their little "green St Paddy's Hot Wheels" and adorable light up chicks.
Thank you mom for making their morning memorable XO

Hope everyone has a wonderful (Green) day!

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